Take me out to the ball game ....

PawPaw and I took Kam to the Royals game Monday night. He had a great time, and was so cute. Our seats were awesome (7 rows from the dugout behind home plate). Kam was standing in the aisle imitating the pitchers windup and throw ... it was adorable! The Royals scored back to back home runs just after we sat down, Kam loved all the excitement. They have a really cool play area for kids at the new stadium.


Kam and PawPaw at the Golf Course!!

Yesterday, Mark wanted to take Kam to the golf course ... so of course I had to go along to take pics. He had a great time -- he loved riding in the cart, but was kind of afraid driving over the bridges. Now, PawPaw THOUGHT he was going to get to practice a couple holes, but that didn't happen. Any time he walked away from the cart, Kam would start crying like PawPaw was leaving forever. Anyway, we had fun!!